Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are lucky to receive a very high volume of enquiries, so we get asked so many questions every day.  On this page we try to cover those queries that come up most frequently. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, or if you’d like anymore details or information at all, please just send us a message via the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you.

What style of photography do you specialise in?

We specialise in documentary wedding photography. We feel your wedding day is about you – not us. So we won’t pose you, we won’t stage moments. Our style is natural and our approach is very relaxed. We don’t run through a shot list like some photographers (this just makes every wedding look the same!) We will let you be yourself, let you have the very best day possible and this means we are able to capture the most natural moments and take the very best and most creative photographs for you.

Our approach means photography will never take over or start to dominate your day. You’ll forget we’re there at times and then when you look back over your finished, edited images, you’ll see so many beautiful images that let you relive your day as it really happened. Importantly, we will capture so many moments that you will have missed happening on the day – your wedding really does fly by, so that’s why it’s so important to invest in a photographer who will capture all the key moments and little details for you.

Will you photograph our wedding in a different style if we ask you to?

Our style is contemporary, natural and unposed – that’s what we’re really good at and that’s what we stick to. People book with us because they love our work and they want our trademark relaxed approach to photographing weddings on their big day. We have developed this approach to enable you to really enjoy your day without thinking about photography at all: you plan your day the way you want it and we fit in around these plans – not the other way around!

If you’d like a more traditional or more posed photographer, there are lots of traditional photographers out there. If you want a relaxed, documentary approach that let’s you have the most awesome day without staging moments, then we’ll be a great fit for what you’re looking for.

Will you take couple shots?

As you’ll see on our website, we love taking beautiful images of our couples together – we call these ‘couple shots’. You’ll find more traditional photographers calling these portraits – but we don’t take portraits, we just take very relaxed and un-posed couple shots. Our couple shots are all about ignoring us and ignoring the camera. We spread these out over the day and go on a few different walks around your venue grounds or the surrounding area, making use of all the best locations available to us. It’s also worth mentioning… we LOVE a sunset! If you’re lucky enough to get one, we’ll be more than keen to take some sunset couple shots with you. 

Will you still take group photos?

Yes! We will still take group shots if you want some on your big day. However, we will never take endless group shots that would take over your day. A group shot can take 5 minute to set up and often involves dragging guests away from the bar, so this stops really good moments from happening for us to capture for you. People stand around, watching us take group shots, taking the exact same photos on their phone as we are – it really does interrupt the flow of the day and makes it all feel very staged. It also eats into a lot of your time. So, if you were taking group shot after group shot, as you may imagine – it can become really tiresome for you and your guests really, really quickly and we are able to take less natural photos for you.

So to avoid your wedding turning into one long photoshoot, you let us know in advance the key group shots that are important to you and we’ll grab these for you in between your ceremony and wedding breakfast. Apart from these key group shots that you request, the rest of the time we photograph the whole day without posing.

How long is your coverage time?

Our most popular packages cover ‘all day’ – this means we start a few hours before the ceremony to cover the getting ready period and photograph right up until the first dance. Every wedding really is different though, so we don’t work to exact time limits, it really depends on when your ceremony and first dance is. We also offer a reduced hours package and a ‘complete’ wedding package, which lets us capture more dance floor action – so whatever you want, we can provide it.

What areas do you cover?

We are proudly a Yorkshire Wedding Photography company. Our main base is in Yorkshire, however, we have a second base in Hertfordshire – but we really do travel the country each and every weekend. We love the variety this brings our work. So you could call us a a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer, a Lincolnshire Wedding Photographer, a Cotswolds wedding photographer, a Berkshire wedding photographer, a Cheshire Wedding Photographer, a Derbyshire Wedding Photographer, a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer, a Lake District Wedding Photographer – the list goes on!

We feel the fact that we travel all over the country to photograph weddings is a huge plus point – if we just photographed at the same venues every week, people would be booking us because of that reason and expect us to repeat past work. That doesn’t happen though – people book us because of the overall style of our images and the exceptional quality of our work, so we end up travelling so much every year. So wherever you’re getting married, if you’d like a quote, please get in touch – we’d love to hear all about your day. Never book your photographer because they know your venue – book them because you love all their images.

…one photographer or two?

Whether you book one or two photographers with us, you’ll get the same beautiful photos, shot in the same natural way and edited in our fine art style. However, with two photographers, we are able to be in two places at once – and also, we are able to give you around 200 more photos. We are very happy to provide you with whatever package suits you best. Two photographers has long been our most popular package, but if you’d rather book just one photographer for your day, that’s absolutely fine!

How much do you charge for travel?

Our packages are priced simply, so all our expenses will have been covered in our initial quote after you get in touch. No hidden costs, no surprises.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

What equipment do you use?

For photography, our main cameras are Nikon D850s – the top rated DSLRs since their release. We also have the Nikon D4s and Nikon D5 models – and have recently invested in the new Nikon Z6. 

We use two cameras on wedding days, so have access to two lens choices to allow us to capture any moment the way we want to (no stopping to change lenses at important times!) We always come with professional cameras, professional back up equipment and a host of professional lenses to choose from. For us, Nikon are the very best photographic cameras money can buy and we have invested heavily in the very best equipment Nikon offer.

For video, we use Sony as our main cameras.

Do we get the rights to print the images wherever we choose?

Yes,  the choice of where you go to print your images is completely down to you! We give you complete freedom in terms of printing, sharing and posting your images online. You get all your digital images at high resolution, at full resolution, with no watermark.

There is absolutely no obligation to buy prints or albums from us – We just want you to love your wedding photography – if you want to buy albums and prints from us, then great, but really, there is no obligation to do so.

Who retains copyright of the images?

We do – it’s industry standard for the photographer to retain the copyright. However, as mentioned above, this doesn’t affect your usage of the images in any way whatsoever. We retain copyright to ensure other companies cannot simply used our images without getting our permission and crediting us properly. We are always happy to share images with other suppliers – we just ask them to get in touch with us first so we can let them know how to credit us.

Who will photograph our wedding day – do you ever contract out weddings?

No – we have never contracted out a wedding and we have never cancelled a booking. If you love our work and book with us, we will photograph your wedding in our trademark style.

Will you visit our wedding venue before our wedding day / have you shot at our venue before?

We are extremely experienced (over 600 weddings photographed) so can adapt to any location quickly. So, a venue visit really isn’t necessary and it makes no difference to us if we’ve shot at a venue before or not. It is impossible to pre-plan what light and weather conditions we’ll be photographing under come your wedding day – every wedding is different. So a quick tour around a location when we arrive, in the light we will shooting in on that day, is the best way of preparing.

Most importantly, our style is natural and our approach is relaxed. So as documentary wedding photographers, visiting a venue before a wedding doesn’t help as the crucial elements to documentary photography are you, all your guests and all the things you’ll do without planning on your big day. Our images look so good because we haven’t planned them. All the smiles, the kisses, the romantic moments, the emotional moments – none of them are staged and we’ve not repeated them from previous weddings. So wherever you are getting married, whether we’ve visited before or not, trust us: we’ll make your wedding photographs look amazing!

Visiting new venues and locations is really exciting for us and one of the perks of the job. We know some photographers promote themselves as shooting the same venue week after week, but they tend to repeat shots again and again. We prefer to keep things unique to you and your wedding – our work is always original and always about you as a couple, not about us repeating rehearsed shots at certain locations.

Do you offer pre-wedding shoots?

We do, however, this is an optional extra. A pre-wedding shoot is a lovely add on to any package – however, as we are natural, documentary photographers, a pre-wedding shoot really isn’t a necessity. A pre-wedding shoot can never replicate what your wedding day will be like and we will photograph your wedding day in the same natural style and use the same relaxed, non-traditional approach whether you have had a pre-wedding shoot or not.

If you decide to add on a pre-wedding shoot, then great, we’ll really  look forward to it! We’ll shoot it in the same natural style as we will use on your wedding day. No posing, no staging, no set up shots or copying other photographs. Also, if you want to bring the kids and the dogs along, please do! If the whole family comes along, we still keep everything natural and relaxed.

What’s the benefit of booking both photography and video with M and G Photographic?

Not only will you deal with just one company, making everything easier, your video and photographs will match perfectly in terms of style. There will be no contrasting styles, no differences in the way we work with you. Also, we work with our filmmakers all the time, so this is a huge advantage – we instinctively know where our wedding videographers will stand and what they will do next. Of course, we are happy to work with other filmmakers if you book with a separate video company – but there is a huge benefit to booking everything with us.

Should we have a big group shot with everyone in?

This is a personal choice of course – if you want a staged shot with everyone in it, please include that when letting us know the key group shots you want. We know some photographers refuse to take them as whole wedding party group shots are very traditional and will take you and your guests out of the moment for a prolonged amount of time. But it’s your day, not ours – so if you want one, we’ll take one for you!

We would agree though, a big group shot is very traditional and like any group shot it will be staged and posed. It takes you and your guests away from enjoying your wedding and prevents natural moments from ever occurring – it interrupts the flow of your day. Everyone stops and looks to the photographer to direct them, which is exactly what we try to avoid all day. Instead of natural smiles, you get awkward grins at the camera.

A small group shot with a few people in can take 5 minutes or more to organise – a big group shot with all your guests can take 10 minutes or often quite a lot longer. It means dragging all your guests away from the bar and means stopping them having fun. Then, it generally means you and all your guests waiting as invariably people will go missing or wandering off just as the time comes.

So though we will take one for you, we’re here to give you our best advice and we know the less group shots we take, the more natural images you get and the more fun you and your guests have. Time is precious on your wedding day and we want you to savour every second – we know after photographing 600 weddings, the less time you spend taking group photos, the better day you will have and the more memories we will be able to capture for you to look back on for years to come.

So we really recommend prioritising small groups with just your key family members in (parents, siblings, grandparents) – not large groups. We can do these small groups quietly and quickly, so we can get back to capturing real moments sooner and you can get back to enjoying your day as quickly as possible. Smaller groups keep everything relaxed – photos with friends and extended family are much better taken naturally! We’ve all been to weddings where we’ve been involved in endless group shots – couples tell us all the time that they’ve booked us for the complete opposite! With us you will get natural, unposed and beautiful images showing your day as it really unfolded – plus those key group shots, if you want them.

Do we take detail shots?

Yes! Though we’re natural photographers, it doesn’t mean we can’t see value in capturing details and photographing decorations you’ve spent years preparing. We capture all the details that catch our eye on the day. One of our couples recently said to us “we prefer photos of people than things” and we 100% agree – as soon as they said that we knew they’d spent hours deciding to book us as their photographer, as that’s what we specialise in: people, real emotion and real moments. However, we still think it’s important to photograph the odd detail too, without it ever distracting us from photographing the natural moments you’ve booked us to capture for you. If you’ve booked two photographers with us, one can capture a few details while the other carries on photographing real moments.

Have you won any awards and are you a member of professional photography bodies or organisations?

We are multiple award winning photographers (click here to see a selection of our awards). We are proud to be members of Fearless Photographers and This Is Reportage. We have also won several awards including: two Wedawards, two Wedisson awards, a Photographers Keeping It Real award, a Bridebook platinum award. We were also a 2019 TWIA finalist and were thrilled to have an image named as ‘one of the best wedding photographs of 2018’ by The Evening Standard newspaper.