This wedding photography blog looks at some of the amazing micro weddings we have had the pleasure of photographing. We know if you’re reading this, you may have altered your wedding plans slightly. Or perhaps you’ve always been planning an intimate wedding day. As you’ll see from our micro wedding photography, it’s not the number of guests that makes a great wedding. Love, laughter, emotions – all the small details and unexpected things that will invariably happen in the most unpredictable way. These are what make a wedding day special. So whether you have 6, 15 or 30 people present, you’re going to have such an amazing and unforgettable time. Simply plan the wedding day you want and we’ll do the rest! Below you’ll find some of our favourite moments from smaller weddings we’ve photographed. You’ll find that each wedding is unique – some couples plan to have entertainment, others take a relaxed walk with their guests – others end up spontaneously dancing in the street as a busker plays along! It really is down to you to have the day that you want. Just to help you though we have written some tips on how to make the most of your micro wedding.

Make the most of your couple photography

Usually on a wedding day, the moments when we are able to take couple shots – the photographs of you two together – are fleeting. However, with a micro wedding, we have found couples have can plan a little more couple time together. We have accompanied couples on walks around wedding grounds, cities and even taken drives to more than one location. It’s your wedding day and it will fly by in the blink of an eye. So why not take the time to make more memories with just the two of you! A drive or walk to a beautiful location really can make memories that will last a lifetime. It will also allow us to take some naturally beautiful photographs of you both together.

When to have your couple photographs

You could have your extended couple time after your ceremony, or wait until later in the day – it’s completely up to you. But if you do want to plan for a longer couple shoot – or multiple couple shoots! – we know this will work really well. We’ll be happy to visit as many locations as you choose or suggest. Whatever the wedding all our couple shots are relaxed and natural – you simply go for a walk and be yourselves. Every laugh, smile, kiss or hug will be natural – we won’t direct you. The most we will do will be to suggest any places that catch our eye that we know will be ideal for photography in terms of lighting or location. The rest really is down to you! You can see some of our couple shots at micro weddings below and as you’ll see, we’ve really enjoyed spending a little longer on couple shots as have our couples.

Take a wedding walk

The beauty of a micro wedding is that it is a change from the traditional – it’s different from the norm. We find micro weddings tend to be such relaxed days and a real reflection of the couple in question. And what’s more relaxing than taking a walk together – or even involving your guests as well! It can really add to the flow of your wedding day and act as a natural bridge between one part of a wedding and another. People always say there’s nothing better than going for a romantic walk together – and that’s even more the case on your wedding day! Or why not invite your guests along too for a fun walk with family and friends. The walk can be somewhere meaningful to you as a couple. Or it could be just making the most of your wedding grounds or the local area. You’ll find some example images from previous micro wedding walks below – as you’ll see, you could even stop for an ice cream along the way!

Relax and have fun on your wedding day

The main tip we would give to anyone planning their wedding celebrations will stay the same no matter the number of guests present. So if you’re having 6 guests or 600 – the advice stays the same: relax and have fun! However you’re planning your day – and a micro wedding can have entertainment, walks, dancing in the street! – all we’d recommend is plan your day so you and your guests enjoy every second. Then come the wedding day, let go of all the planning and let the day unfold. Just concentrate on enjoying every moment. Also you don’t need to give our micro wedding photography a second thought. You really can forget about us – we’ll find you if we need you. Otherwise we’ll be photographing moments without posing or staging just like all the images on this blog. So really just relax, enjoy your day and forget about us! If you do that, we’ll be able to photograph so many happy moments for you.

More micro wedding photography

If you’d like to read in more detail about some of the individual micro weddings we’ve photographed, we have more blogs for you to read through. You can read about Natasha and Tom’s Yorkshire wedding here. Or if you’d like to learn more about Sophie and Matt’s York city centre micro wedding, please click here. Or to see more images from Hannah and Darren’s Rudding Park Hotel wedding, please visit their blog here. Or if you’d like to see more of Paul and Anita’s couple shoot, you can see more here. Our couples share some really fantastic advice about planning a smaller wedding day so they are well worth reading.

Booking M and G Wedding photography

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